Cycle Rescue

Our Cycle Rescue service is an emergency roadside repair and recovery service for customers booking one of our cycling holidays or using our bicycle hire service.

How does it work?

If your bicycle is damaged or breaks and you are unable to fix it yourself or arrange a local repair, you will be met at the nearest public road.

If the bike cannot be repaired at the roadside you will be driven to the nearest bicycle repair shop if one is open, your overnight accommodation, your car or the nearest railway station.

We may provide a replacement bike if one is available.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service depends on the distances and time involved. This will be provided to you when you call our support line for assistance.

Please note that the Cycle Rescue service does not include the replacement cost of broken, damaged or lost parts or the cost of labour to fix the bicycle.

Does it cover punctures?

Yes, we can attend to you at the roadside to repair punctures. However it will be much better for you if you can repair punctures yourself.

With each hire bike we provide a spare tube, puncture repair kit, multi-tool, pump and tyre levers.

A demonstration on how to fix a puncture can be provided when hire bikes are delivered, please ask a member of staff.

Does it cover my own bike?

Yes, we will provide assistance to customers on one of our cycling holidays who are riding their own bicycles.

Who should I call for help?

Our 24 hour telephone support number will be provided as part of your holiday pack or cycle hire information.

Did You Know?

Bicycle chain

Broken Chain
A broken chain is the most common cause of avoidable bike failure.

Chains almost always break due to incorrect use of the gears causing links to twist and pull apart.

Bicycle tyre puncture

Flint, sharp sticks and glass can cause the inner tube to puncture.

We try our best to prevent punctures by using puncture resistant tyres on our bikes.

Bicycle gears and chain covered in mud

Cleaning & Maintenance
Clogged up gears, brakes and chainsets cause cables to stretch and gears to jam.

Please remove mud and grass regularly, use a small stick to gently flick the mud off.

Bicycle tools and cogs

Bicycle Servicing
All our bikes are replaced frequently and are fully serviced before being hired.

Please take care with the bikes and return them undamaged.